30 March 2009

Allow me to retort

Got some feedback on the frat-dick post. (Scroll down and scan for douchebaggery - you can't miss it.)

My responses are embedded below...

1) Your friends are dead ringers - i'm mean DEAD RINGERS - for the ADPi's at cal
The ADPis at UCSB were pretty strong when I left college, but not as good as they were when I got there. Their heyday was the early- to mid-90's. The girls in the photo are definitely not on par with the rest of the house - makes sense if you consider that I'm in it too.

2) you smoked? is that weed?
Apparently so because it seemed to go with the costume and haircut, and no, it's a cigarette. Here's a shot of me lighting up in a Paris cafe several years later. When in Rome, &tc.

3) i find myself torn between feelings of revulsion and unwavering adulation. your commitment is veering me towards unwavering adulation.
Even if you're repulsed (as I am) you have to appreciate the commitment to the enterprise (as I do).

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