29 July 2008

The Chicken is also an Orb

Castle Crashers is coming out on 27 August. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this to you before. Search the blog for "The Behemoth Chicken" or "Dan Paladin" if you want details.

The good news is that the Behemoth Chicken makes a strong appearance in the game. So too does the Alien from Alien Hominid. Get excited.

28 July 2008

A.J. Draplin drops knowledge. And f-bombs.

I don't know Aaron Draplin. But I appreciate his design aesthetic. He seems like the kind of guy you could learn something from. Also he's not shy about sharing his opinions, and I appreciate that in a person. Becuase we love opinions here at GJAW. If you can support them with factual evidence, so much the better.

Anyways, Draplin sat for a video interview thing and discussed some recent experiences. I recommend it. Language in the video definitely NSFW.

24 July 2008


I don't have a real post. I decided the photo was enough.
I found the photo when I was searching for some accredited continuing education course information at an ivy league university.* And then I got to thinking about what kind of caption to add, and there you go.

I saved the original, because I feel like there's a lot to work with here. A lot.

* I am not making this up.

22 July 2008

You are expected to have suitable gear. If you can see the top of your amplifier, don't bother answering this ad.

Sold the cellphone phone on craigslist last week.
How much did I hate the new and improved super fancy verizon phone with the touchscreen? It's hard to put an exact dollar figure on it, but considering I had to pay full price ($350) for a new phone and sold the old one for $150, I can tell you with certainty that it was at least $200 of lame.

Upside: The new phone kicks ass. The old phone was a worthless piece of shit as a handheld computer and/or a device for talking to people. New phone doesn't try to be something it isn't.

While I was on Craigslist I wandered over to 'best of', which can be a good place to find a laugh or two if you're not busy. My favorite was the guy that posted an ad looking for people to be in his band. I hope he was for real and starts a band, because it sounds like it will be awesome. (honk!)

An excerpt:

As you can see from my picture [ed: Picture was not included in post, had to use different clist photo, see below], I wear chain mail to protect my body from the rigors of extreme playing. When you step up on stage with a true performer like myself, it's like stepping into battle, only instead of swords and arrows, we fight with 32nd notes and pinch harmonics. So in a way, the chain mail is largely symbolic, but my legions of fans have come to appreciate and expect it. You may don similar armor, but only if it fits the theme (no hockey masks or umpire's vests).

Special dirt bonus from somebody that wanted the dirt moved out of their driveway.

17 July 2008

Rampage Jackson seems a little unbalanced - losing a fight can do that to you

(no photo today - they're all copyrighted and I'm busy)

My favorite UFC fighter is Rampage Jackson. He kicks ass and he doesn't take himself too seriously. Unfortunately it seems like he's got some issues he's working through since he lost his fight with Forrest Griffin. This from the LA Times:

Driving with a flat tire believed to have been damaged in an earlier accident on the 55 Freeway, Jackson was seen talking on his cellphone, crossing street dividers and twice driving onto sidewalks that "caused pedestrians to dive out of the way," Dondero said. "He was ignoring sirens, and ran several red lights before finally being detained," with a shredded tire at 18th Street and Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach.

Dondero said there was no evidence of alcohol or drugs contributing to Jackson's driving.

Losing a fight can be really hard for a fighter. When heavily favored George Foreman lost to Muhammed Ali (rent this from Netflix if you haven't already) he went into a yearlong depression from which he barely recovered. So I was disappointed to hear that Jackson got into some trouble, but not surprised. Nor was I surprised to find out that he's been hospitalized for mental health evaluation. That's no joke. And he's in a shitload of trouble with the law, which isn't funny, either.

He was hospitalized AFTER he was released on bail. That's a not funny, either. The guy is off his meds or something. I'm hoping he can get sorted and get back to doing what he does best, which is crack wise and knock people out. I'm still amazed he lost that fight to Griffin. I'm not saying he should have won (he was losing on my scorecard), but damn, Forrest Griffin? That guy is the little engine that could.

15 July 2008

the iphone: the best handheld computer money can buy

The new iphone does all the stuff that made the original iphone awesome, and it does them even awesomer. But why do they call the iphone a phone at all? As a handheld computer it is without peer. Truly, you can do almost anything with this toy.

As a phone, it is shit. This from Slate:

Rather than abandon the iPhone, though, I held out hope that the next model would look cool and allow me to talk to my friends and family. Indeed, everything does work more smoothly on the iPhone 3G. Everything, that is, except talking to people.

This isn't news. Ask anyone what they love about the iphone and they'll rave about how great it is to pull up youtube videos or watch movies, buy music, surf the web while at the airport. Or figure out where they are. It's mediocre for texting (no QWERTY keyboard) and useful for talking only if you buy a bluetooth headset. It isn't a phone at all.

This from Walter Mossberg:

Bottom line: If you’ve been waiting to buy an iPhone until it dropped in price, or ran on faster cell networks, you might want to take the plunge, if you can live with the higher service costs and the weaker battery life. The same goes for those with existing iPhones who love the device but crave faster cellular data speeds. But if you already own an iPhone, and can usually use Wi-Fi for data, you probably should hold off and get the free software upgrade before deciding whether it’s worth getting the new hardware.

12 July 2008

You're gonna need that, or: Fucking shit up with the blender

First thing the doc did when he told me I had TMJ was that I should start eating soft foods for at least a week. He said, "don't chew anything, and try not to talk." Since I eat a lot, and also like to run my mouth, this was an interesting challenge. So lately it's been soup for dinner and smoothies for lunch. Or cream of wheat. Anything soft.

Upside: I love smoothies and any reason to eat milkshakes is a good reason. I got some light ice cream, milk, creamy peanut butter, bananas, nectarines, and anything else that looked like it might be tasty if I blended it up. The blender hadn't seen much use lately (my blended margarita days are behind me) so I was pleased when the blender worked like a charm. I was less pleased when I disassembled it for cleaning and broke the 'blender jar seal ring' that goes in the bottom. Let me tell you that this is not something you want to leave out or damage in any way.

I tried to rebuild the seal ring when I re-assembled the blender. There were, ahh, gaps. When I looked at it I said to myself, "this could go badly." I planned ahead when I made my shake: put all the solid / semi-solid ingredients in first, then the milk, then blendreallyfastsoitdoesn'tspillverymuch. It worked, except for the part where it leakedalloverthefuckingplacerightfromthestart. Mid-mess I decided that if I blended then the extra lower viscosity of the blend would slow the leaking. This was true, as far is it went. It was also true that instead of leaking milk out the bottom it was now leaking peanut-butter banana milkshake, which is a bitch to clean up.

Acting quickly, I finished blending and grabbed a large glass to hold my shake. I picked up the blender jar (still leaking milkshake out the bottom) and promptly poured part of the shake into the glass while the glass was upside down. We store the glasses inverted and I was in a hurry. Seriously. Now one hand is holding the leaky blender jar and the other is holding a glass upside down, covered in milkshake. Briefly, I am Douglas Feith as described by Tommy Franks. I grab another clean glass and finally get the remainder of my shake into a container. Carnage on my kitchen counter and shirt. I kept it mostly off the floor. I would have taken photos but I had to get it cleaned up.

soooooo... that happened.
thanks for reading.

11 July 2008

TMJ is God's way of telling you that you need to lose a few lbs. And shut up.

Woke up a couple weeks ago and my jaw was really bothering me.

(I'm waiting for you to finish your fellatio joke(s).
Go ahead. I've got time.)

You done? Great.
The doctor says I have TMJ. Something something jaw hurts something. I have a sprained jaw. How does this happen? Well, it comes from stress, or if you're grinding/clenching your teeth. I don't have much in the way of stress but it happened immediately after some super awesome news about my mom.

The whole story takes a long time to tell but the short version is my sister is exploiting my mother to full advantage. I can feel my jaw start to hurt just typing that. My stepdad gave me the whole scoop. We talked for hours. We don't have a lot in common but we have both been witness to the crazy. The next day I had TMJ. Basically my mom supports all the idiotic stuff my sister does and expects Tony to pay for it after Cris runs out of money (they have separate accounts because if they didn't then my mother would just give my sister all the money - you would think there's a life-lesson there for Cris, but you'd be wrong).

When Tony says no, my mother says he's the enemy, and he should "think of his daughter, and think of his grand-daughter". This is some serious crazy. Bear in mind that my sister was already on her way to loserville years before Tony ever showed up. AND my sister talks to her real father on a regular basis. But she can't get money from him because he doesn't have any. Neither does Tony, but that doesn't mean Cris and my sister can't hold it against him. It is a frustration. I want to kick them both in the teeth. Very christian of me. You would think that after 20 years of being a leech/loser my mother would catch on to the fact that my sister is an irredeemable piece of shit. You'd be wrong about that, too.

On the upside: muscle relaxers for everybody! I'll set some aside. Get your orders in now.

07 July 2008

Since you've been gone...

I missed you. I really did.
Here's how I spent my week off, 'by the numbers', so to speak.
  • Number of days in a row that I drank heavily at my friend's wedding in Catalina: 2
  • Times I made an ass of myself at the wedding: 4ish
  • Times I made an ass of myself at the wedding that anyone will remember: Zero
  • Number of days in a row that I committed to not drinking at all following the bender: 30 (I'm calling it "Dry July" - one friend said, "You're not drinking for all of July? Sweet. See you in August.")
  • Fights (out of 4) that I picked correctly in the big UFC punchfest this past Saturday: Zero
  • Number of successful title defenses I predict for new UFC light heavyweight champ Forest Griffin: Zero
  • Fireworks viewed, not counting the shitbricks lighting up feeble sparklers in the street on my drive home: Zero
  • Pangs of regret felt when I didn't make time to go buy a pack of those weirdly grotesque 'snake' fireworks that are safe for all but the most ill-intentioned child: 1
  • Times I drove The Lump: 1
  • Times I envied The Lump and shopped for a new GSX-R750 online (including today): several
  • Mediocre summer blockbusters watched: 1
  • Hours of Call of Duty 4: very many. I read some books too but who cares? They only make you dumber.
That covers it for now.
More soon.

03 July 2008

I call it the Lump

(only one post this week - I'm on vacation. I'll be back to regular posting next week.)
What do you do if your Love suddenly powers down? How do you cope? Well, if you're the King of Blind Dates you fire up the social network and get some girls in the pipeline. And you buy yourself a new car.

In fairness he'd been looking for the car for quite some time, but he didn't actually pull the trigger until Soulmates had dinged him. And it wasn't brand new, just new to him. Nevertheless, I'm calling it the Lump, which is short for the Love-Muscle-Power-Down, and the adjective 'LMPD', which is what happens when your love is super strong and powering San Onofre and aircraft carriers and then all of a sudden it fails. You got LMPD, pronounced 'lumped'. Go buy yourself something nice, get yourself over the lump.