07 July 2008

Since you've been gone...

I missed you. I really did.
Here's how I spent my week off, 'by the numbers', so to speak.
  • Number of days in a row that I drank heavily at my friend's wedding in Catalina: 2
  • Times I made an ass of myself at the wedding: 4ish
  • Times I made an ass of myself at the wedding that anyone will remember: Zero
  • Number of days in a row that I committed to not drinking at all following the bender: 30 (I'm calling it "Dry July" - one friend said, "You're not drinking for all of July? Sweet. See you in August.")
  • Fights (out of 4) that I picked correctly in the big UFC punchfest this past Saturday: Zero
  • Number of successful title defenses I predict for new UFC light heavyweight champ Forest Griffin: Zero
  • Fireworks viewed, not counting the shitbricks lighting up feeble sparklers in the street on my drive home: Zero
  • Pangs of regret felt when I didn't make time to go buy a pack of those weirdly grotesque 'snake' fireworks that are safe for all but the most ill-intentioned child: 1
  • Times I drove The Lump: 1
  • Times I envied The Lump and shopped for a new GSX-R750 online (including today): several
  • Mediocre summer blockbusters watched: 1
  • Hours of Call of Duty 4: very many. I read some books too but who cares? They only make you dumber.
That covers it for now.
More soon.

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