17 July 2008

Rampage Jackson seems a little unbalanced - losing a fight can do that to you

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My favorite UFC fighter is Rampage Jackson. He kicks ass and he doesn't take himself too seriously. Unfortunately it seems like he's got some issues he's working through since he lost his fight with Forrest Griffin. This from the LA Times:

Driving with a flat tire believed to have been damaged in an earlier accident on the 55 Freeway, Jackson was seen talking on his cellphone, crossing street dividers and twice driving onto sidewalks that "caused pedestrians to dive out of the way," Dondero said. "He was ignoring sirens, and ran several red lights before finally being detained," with a shredded tire at 18th Street and Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach.

Dondero said there was no evidence of alcohol or drugs contributing to Jackson's driving.

Losing a fight can be really hard for a fighter. When heavily favored George Foreman lost to Muhammed Ali (rent this from Netflix if you haven't already) he went into a yearlong depression from which he barely recovered. So I was disappointed to hear that Jackson got into some trouble, but not surprised. Nor was I surprised to find out that he's been hospitalized for mental health evaluation. That's no joke. And he's in a shitload of trouble with the law, which isn't funny, either.

He was hospitalized AFTER he was released on bail. That's a not funny, either. The guy is off his meds or something. I'm hoping he can get sorted and get back to doing what he does best, which is crack wise and knock people out. I'm still amazed he lost that fight to Griffin. I'm not saying he should have won (he was losing on my scorecard), but damn, Forrest Griffin? That guy is the little engine that could.

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Zach said...

I've even seen a pretty serious meltdown after a particularly good ass kicking in a one-on-one basketball game. Not naming any names. Ehem.