26 August 2008

I am an international financier, part the fifth

The last guy I lent to repaid his loan to Kiva, which means I get to re-allocate the resources. He was a shopkeeper and fairly close to home (relatively speaking) so for the next one I wanted to pick someone that would get more out of the money. Which brings us to the lovely-named Mrs. Liliane Sagbohan:

Mrs. Liliane Sagbohan was born on May 14, 1978 in Ekpè in Ouémé County in the southeast of Benin. She is married and the mother of 2 children: Corneille and Fabienne, aged 5 and 2 respectively. She furnishes various household items to her neighbors in the district who have confidence in her because her products are of good quality. She is requesting this loan to bolster her business which is currently growing rapidly.

Consider it done. She's got 90% of her loan so I think it's going to be funded (they wouldn't let me fund the whole thing). Sweet.

Had to check the map to find Benin. It's between Nigeria and Togo, on the Gulf of Guinea. Wherever that is. People say it's a small world. If you believe that you should try walking to Hawaii. Or Porto Novo (capital of Benin).

24 August 2008

The Olympic Village is bringing sexy back

The olympics are over. That's a bummer. I have really enjoyed the competition and spectacle. I don't go in for the nationalistic bullshit but it's nice to see people that have worked hard do well. And since pretty much every person there has worked hard it's easy to enjoy the winning. Don't really care what country they're from.

The US Men's Basketball Team is a bunch of spoiled brats so that was tedious but there was lots of other good stuff to watch. The US Men's Indoor Volleyball team played brilliantly to win the gold medal for the first time in 20 years. And so forth and so on. If you got tired of one athelete or event there was plenty other stuff to appreciate. Like the prospect of some deliciously hot athlete sex. [Full list of favorite athletes/photos from the games coming later this week - expect middle-distance runners to be well represented.]

The following quote comes from an article that was forwarded to me by two different / unconnected people. So good when your friends are on the same page. The article is a bit long but it has its moments. Enjoy.

I am often asked if the Olympic village - the vast restaurant and housing conglomeration that hosts the world's top athletes for the duration of the Games - is the sex-fest it is cracked up to be. My answer is always the same: too right it is.

21 August 2008

Orange County's Most Eligible Bachelor

The OC's Most Eligible Bachelor (aka the King of Blind Dates) has been talking shit to me all day via the internets. All. Day. Thank goodness he sent me this carefully crafted artistic rendering from one of his co-workers. Plus he's not a regular reader. At one point we had the following exchange:

OCs M.E.B.: So… are you going to put on a monkey suit and roll big in vegas tomorrow night? Please say yes. It will be like old times…
me: hey cockface: feel free to stop being a cock at any point. like now.

All because I'm on the fence about going to a party with him on Saturday. I asked who was going to be there and he said, that one girl that my blah blah set me up with blah blah and she blah blah. I said, no, that girl is awful. Which prompted this exchange:

OC's M.E.B.: She makes everyone around her a better person.
me: She makes them SEEM better, because she sucks so bad. Everyone looks good standing next to her.
OC's M.E.B.: True.

It's a tough crowd people.

I can't wait to start getting hits from people doing internet searches for 'oc bachelor'.

19 August 2008

Why the olympics is awesome, part XXIV

I love the olympics. The more obscure the sport, the more I enjoy it. You might enjoy this story about the heavyweight lifters:


and you can watch video of the entire competition here:


You might have to dig around a little. Direct links to the video are tough, but if you look for the A class 105+ Kg weightlifters then you can see it. Might want to fast forward to the last 20 minutes if you want to get straight to the good part.

13 August 2008

Shit yourself thin; plus, more olympics!

'Cosmopolitan' Institute Completes Decades-Long Study On How To Please Your Man

Blah blah olympics blah blah blah. I feel bad for the US girl that fell down on the balance beam and again on the floor exercises. After she biffed she had to stand up straight and watch her teammates compete while they shoved cameras in her face. Nowhere to hide. That was hard to watch so I changed the channel. I feel badly enough when they fall; I don't need to watch them blink back tears afterwards. Which reminds me, some of the older US gymnastics girls would be pretty hot if they were adult sized. Unlike China, who fields girls way under the age limit like it's no big deal.

In other news the onion is still making superb videos and they've had a scientific breakthrough. You'll have to watch and decide for yourself.

12 August 2008

Lezak kicks frog ass

I love the olympics. A lot.

I have no use for the medal count, or the endless fellatio of the "redeem team", or all the long faces from the lesbians that are bummed about the end of softball as an olympic sport. That stuff is lame.

What I love is the drama of your entire athletic life, your purpose, distilled into events that last minutes, or even seconds. The pressure is unbelievable. Some people wilt; some thrive. Jason Lezak is the latter. I don't have video because the only thing the olympics hates more than human rights is copyright violations. But you can watch the end of it over on withleather.com.

And there's this from my friend the King of Blind Dates:

Jason Lezak was my teammate in high school for both water polo and swimming. He was one year younger than me. My senior year we received 1st team all-american honors in the 4x50 and 4x100 free relays- winning CIF in both events and recording the fastest high school time in the country in 1993 for the 4x50 free. I wonder why??? In both CIF final races… Jason performed similar heroics (as our relay anchor) to what he pulled off last night on the world stage. If you didn’t catch the race… watch it on u-tube or espn.com. It’s amazing- though I must admit, I’m not surprised… It’s so awesome to see someone’s years of hard work pay off.

11 August 2008

If you suck at your job you might lose it

Alexi Lalas got fired from his job as GM of the LA Galaxy. He retains his position as the #2 douche in US soccer history (Eric Wynalda has a hammerlock on the #1 spot - Landon Donovan is very strong at # 3).

Also, the LA Galaxy head coach resigned for 'personal reasons', which was a nice gesture because he had a three year contract. I wonder if his personal reasons had anything to do with the fact that the team sucks. *

I've written at length about what a fucking idiot Alexi Lalas is. You can review that at your leisure. The money guy says that "There are two good people that for different reasons aren't part of this organization today, and that's a shame." The shame is that Lalas sucks so bad at his job that he can't build a winning team in one of the largest markets in the US.

*We are not going to dis Ruud Gullit here, or anywhere. He didn't get the tools he needed to build a successful team. Also, he favors a stylish, attacking style of play. LA isn't good enough to play that way, but that was true before he got there. It's still true.

08 August 2008

My new favorite time-waster, or: Why I don't notice that I don't have a girlfriend

Decided to mix some turn-based strategy into my console gaming. Started playing Civilization: Revolution. It's a nice break from shooting people; now I get to take over the world. Which is more in line with my personality anyway.

The problem is that the games take anywhere from 3-5 hours to finish. Sure you can save along the way and come back to it later but I find myself unable to put the controller down. It's pathetic. Apparently there are support groups, but mostly I think I need to show some discipline. Right after I kick Napoleon's ass. Fuck him. He sucks.

07 August 2008

Generation Kill: required viewing

Generation Kill (on HBO) is the best show on television.

Not much competition this time of year, but it would be the best show on TV any time of year, with the possible exception of Wire reruns.

It's supposed to be 'authentic', and you'd have to ask a real soldier how accurate it really is. Or for true authenticity you would have to live it. But from the Marines I've talked to, it's fairly accurate. For example, when the Marines in the show pillage care packages searching for Penthouse and logs of Skoal straight, that matches exactly with what I was told, along with lots of other details that I have heard about. But it's still a TV show, so take all that with a grain of salt. "Iceman" walks around with his cover off quite a bit (easier to see his face), plus they do some sh*t that I don't think happened in real life, but these are minor quibbles.

I read the original articles in Rolling Stone very closely but skipped the book when it came out. It's interesting to see how the characters from the article come to life in the show. There were some things that Wright couldn't say back in 2003, but I think it's easier to tell the truth about it now. The book has been out for a while so it's not going to further ruin anyone's career.

Sundays @ 9 on HBO. Set your TiVo or catch it on netflix later this year.

* Image cribbed from the HBO website and definitely used without permission. Hooray for the internet.

06 August 2008

aww, cuuuuuuuute!

The world's smallest known snake.

Image courtesy the AP and yahoo and the biologist that took the picture in Barbados back in 2006. The scientist that discovered the snake named it after his wife*, who said that the snake reminded her of her husband.** And then she giggled awkwardly.**

* True.
** Less true.

05 August 2008

Elitism is for losers

Lots of ink has been spilled lately around the idea that Barack Obama is elitist.
According to the online dictionary, elitism is:

1.practice of or belief in rule by an elite.
2.consciousness of or pride in belonging to a select or favored group.

I don't think either one of these applies to Obama. He got a law degree from Harvard and he's very smart, but that doesn't make you elitist. It means you're a high achiever. Two different things. Why are people threatened by this?

Being smarter and better-educated than most of America is a GOOD quality to have in a presidential candidate. It means you're higly qualified for the job. Obama tends to hang out with other smart, well educated people. That's not elitism. You tend to hang out with people that have the same backgrounds/interests as you. That doesn't in itself make you elitist or racist or whatever else.

As for being out of touch with the people, try this: If you think the current president cares what you (the common man) really think, then go try and talk to him some time. See how 'in touch' he is. Meet with him in person or get him on the phone, tell him how you feel. He's waiting to hear from you. I promise.

04 August 2008

Ladies, my balls are here for your pleasure

This video has been featured on GJAW before. I'm doing it again. And why not? It's help up really well. And it offsets the politics to follow. (The readership is divided on political posts - some don't like them, others hate them.)
From the political hypocrisy file, when is leadership experience non-essential in a presidential candidate?

8 years ago the GOP said that Bush didn't need it, and he beat Al Gore (who was probably better prepared for the job after 8 years as a veep). Fast forward 8 years: McCain suggests that Obama is not prepared and doesn't have enough experience. Umm, that wasn't supposed to be a problem 8 years ago, so why is it a problem now?

And can we all agree that maybe the GOP isn't very good at evaluating talent since their last candidate will go down as one of the worst presidents in American history?
Just sayin'.

01 August 2008

So Much Good Stuff

Crazy busy week this week. Gallimaufry time.

I was reading about writing for the web and according to Nielsen you (the web reader) are dumb and have the attention span of an 8 year old. Writing for younger users (teenagers) is no different except they are dumber. No joke. It was a bit depressing, but I don't think Nielsen needed to do a bunch of studies. He could have sampled any myspace pages, saved himself some time.

In unrelated news, Brett Favre is an asshole. He was a dick when Javon Walker held out for more money and Favre got on his high horse and talked to the media about how he disapproved. That's one way to lead a team: throw your teammate under the bus to the media. Now Favre is leading a different way, by unretiring and demanding a trade. Dear Brett: Remember when we had that national fellatio-fest last year when you were "retiring"? There was a terrible video montage about how awesome you were on MNF, a tearful cover on SI, and lots of other maudlin worship? We're not doing that again. Go F yourself you selfish prick. If you wanted to play, you shouldn't have quit. Asshole.

I love baseball* and I love the Dodgers only slightly more than I love cancer**, so I'm pumped they rented that shitbrick Manny Ramirez. "Manny" is truly awesome at hitting a baseball. He is truly un-awesome at fielding a baseball. Now that he plays in a regular-shaped outfield I'm sure every day in left will be even more of an adventure. Good luck with that.

* Not technically true.
** True.