01 August 2008

So Much Good Stuff

Crazy busy week this week. Gallimaufry time.

I was reading about writing for the web and according to Nielsen you (the web reader) are dumb and have the attention span of an 8 year old. Writing for younger users (teenagers) is no different except they are dumber. No joke. It was a bit depressing, but I don't think Nielsen needed to do a bunch of studies. He could have sampled any myspace pages, saved himself some time.

In unrelated news, Brett Favre is an asshole. He was a dick when Javon Walker held out for more money and Favre got on his high horse and talked to the media about how he disapproved. That's one way to lead a team: throw your teammate under the bus to the media. Now Favre is leading a different way, by unretiring and demanding a trade. Dear Brett: Remember when we had that national fellatio-fest last year when you were "retiring"? There was a terrible video montage about how awesome you were on MNF, a tearful cover on SI, and lots of other maudlin worship? We're not doing that again. Go F yourself you selfish prick. If you wanted to play, you shouldn't have quit. Asshole.

I love baseball* and I love the Dodgers only slightly more than I love cancer**, so I'm pumped they rented that shitbrick Manny Ramirez. "Manny" is truly awesome at hitting a baseball. He is truly un-awesome at fielding a baseball. Now that he plays in a regular-shaped outfield I'm sure every day in left will be even more of an adventure. Good luck with that.

* Not technically true.
** True.

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