04 August 2008

Ladies, my balls are here for your pleasure

This video has been featured on GJAW before. I'm doing it again. And why not? It's help up really well. And it offsets the politics to follow. (The readership is divided on political posts - some don't like them, others hate them.)
From the political hypocrisy file, when is leadership experience non-essential in a presidential candidate?

8 years ago the GOP said that Bush didn't need it, and he beat Al Gore (who was probably better prepared for the job after 8 years as a veep). Fast forward 8 years: McCain suggests that Obama is not prepared and doesn't have enough experience. Umm, that wasn't supposed to be a problem 8 years ago, so why is it a problem now?

And can we all agree that maybe the GOP isn't very good at evaluating talent since their last candidate will go down as one of the worst presidents in American history?
Just sayin'.

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