30 November 2007

thursday is the new friday

please note the exceptional detail available when you click the photo at left. I posted the full 5 MB version because I wanted you to experience the maximum chest (gut?) fur. and snake. and cute little shorts. i think if you're going to hold a snake that big you need to have that exact expression on your face.

big day yesterday. here's a numbered list, because I heart lists.
1. work
2. walk dog at animal shelter during lunch. special shoutout to the idiot that brought his 2 purebred dogs to the shelter to walk them because he thought it was the irvine bark park. it's easy to miss all those signs and notices. and kennels. and staff. and goats.
3. work some more
4. gym
5. rugby practice.
6. go watch/listen to Pete Tong do his thing. cost $20. drive time (one way): 8 mins. crowd was okay but the music was good. he was up for it. good times.

If you want an interesting take on serving in the marines, try this.

27 November 2007

giving him the business

that's a 15 yard personal foul penalty.
'giving him the business' is against the rules. don't make me say I told you so.

21 November 2007

giving thanks

damn, one post a week? things are falling apart around here.
lots to be thankful for. here's a list:

1. life is good. on a typical day my most challenging decisions are what gym to go to, which guitar to play, what video game to dork out on, and what book to read. some days I don't know how I manage.

2. i don't live in turkey. i was going to put a picture of A turkey in the blog, but I thought a picture of THE turkey was funnier. more funny. whatever.

3. the peeps.

that's it for sappy thanksgiving emails. thanks for reading. I'll work on getting some funny back in here. and more posts. if I have to start doing book, movie, and video game reviews then I will. don't think I won't.

14 November 2007

college football as big business: a different kind of moneyball

Michael Lewis wrote an intelligent op-ed piece in the newspaper of record that explains some of the hypocrisy surrounding college football. The same arguments he makes about college football can also be extended to college basketball: it is big business. The short version is that college football players are professional athletes in training, and that they are getting the shaft from the NCAA when they don't get paid. Lewis writes:

College football’s best trick play is its pretense that it has nothing to do with money, that it’s simply an extension of the university’s mission to educate its students. Were the public to view college football as mainly a business, it might start asking questions. For instance: why are these enterprises that have nothing to do with education and everything to do with profits exempt from paying taxes? Or why don’t they pay their employees?

I recommend the whole article, available here:

09 November 2007

meet the world

I guess these images are part of some chain mail that's going around. I saw it on draplin.com, so i'm sharing it with you. The artist had this (in part) to say about his work:

We started to research relevant, global, and current facts and, thus, came up with the idea to put new meanings to the colours of the flags. We used real data taken from the websites of Amnesty International and the UNO.

image copyright/owned by the artist,
Icaro Doria

older school, or: yeah. f*ck yeah.

last time I saw something this awesome it was on mulletsgalore.com. so much good stuff here. travolta fever, the car interior (is that a saddle?), the domain name that comes with the car (travoltafever.com). so. much. good. stuff.

see it in all it's glory here.

travolta was big back in '79/80. seriously.

07 November 2007

old school

image is courtesy the Coudal partners layer tennis / Chris Glass. It was one of the graphics "volleyed" by Chris Glass during the competition.

if you are curious about layer tennis, go here: http://layertennis.com/index.php

for an interesting summary of Glass' experience w/ the layer tennis, go here: http://www.chrisglass.com/photos/2007/layertennis/

that is all.