30 November 2007

thursday is the new friday

please note the exceptional detail available when you click the photo at left. I posted the full 5 MB version because I wanted you to experience the maximum chest (gut?) fur. and snake. and cute little shorts. i think if you're going to hold a snake that big you need to have that exact expression on your face.

big day yesterday. here's a numbered list, because I heart lists.
1. work
2. walk dog at animal shelter during lunch. special shoutout to the idiot that brought his 2 purebred dogs to the shelter to walk them because he thought it was the irvine bark park. it's easy to miss all those signs and notices. and kennels. and staff. and goats.
3. work some more
4. gym
5. rugby practice.
6. go watch/listen to Pete Tong do his thing. cost $20. drive time (one way): 8 mins. crowd was okay but the music was good. he was up for it. good times.

If you want an interesting take on serving in the marines, try this.

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