24 April 2014

News, plus Frog and Toad

Frog and Toad
Limited posts lately because I have been very busy doing stuff. That stuff happened so now I can talk about it a little: I got a new job, quit the old job. No need to go into details here because anonymity and professionalism and etc but if you want details email me. I start new job mid-May.

Been at the old job a very long time (14.5 years) so my departure has caused a minor kerfluffle. They don't take me for granted - I was almost always well appreciated and well treated, esp. the last 8 years or so I've been in Software Engineering - but they will have a hard time replacing me because I am grossly overqualified.* Moving to a career where I can take better advantage of my myriad skills. Pumped.

Image is unrelated. The Wind in the Willows is insane and funny and I love that someone felt like it made sense to have Toad popping molly's, because that is insane (and funny).

* How do you think I kept my job for that long?

20 April 2014

Take the Initiative

My apologies if the GIFs on this page take a long time to load. It was too funny not to post.

17 April 2014

Heart of a Champion

My friends kid likes to get ready for naps by putting her arms above her head.

Two months old and already winning at life.

Walkie Talkies Are the Best

Walkie Talkies never get old. Still super awesome.
Thanks Alligator Sunglasses.

No updates lately because of that other thing. Will get caught up on the backlog this weekend.

09 April 2014

Pay Me

Me, checking to see if my tax return came in yet.

06 April 2014

Backlog: Commentary

I got some good comments that I haven't had a chance to get caught up with. Posting a quick photo or whatever takes no time at all. But I'm procrastinating ready now so here we are.

On the sweet photo from when I was younger and my back didn't hurt:
Big Cheese says: actually took note of the t-shirt when I found this.
but more importantly what is the story with titanfall? you over it?
//To which I respond: I couldn't find a way to have fun in the game. The super twitchy gameplay didn't suit me so I died a lot, even after adjusting strategy and loadouts. The game is intended for solo players playing team deathmatch. I like social, objective-based game types. The maps are too small and 6v6 gameplay sucks. There are no rewards for team-based gameplay and the map does not indicate where your teammates are so you cannot exploit any type of advantage by communicating. Not, in my opinion, a good game. Battlefield is far superior but DICE has had wayyyyy too many server issues on the xbone version. Sucks.

Sweet Katie said some nice things about that photo from the wayback machine.
//TWIR: you're the sweetest.

Anonymous commenting on the same photo:
My wife: Oh my god. I don't even really recognize him.
//TWIR: That's pretty much exactly how I feel when I look at it. So.

Ze Newbs and Spud both left awesome Trainspotting-related comments on my post about Tam getting fired intae Thief. Not much to say about that except, Do you shee the beasht? Have you got him in your shights?
Clear enough Mish Moneypenny! Thish should preshent noooo shignificant problem.

Not for nothing, but Landon Donovan scoring in 2010 is the new Archie Gemmill scoring in 1978.

And finally Ze Newbs shares this fun fact about dogs, from one of of my frequent posts about dogs:
canine has biggest % range in body mass of any species. you're welcome.


And there we are. Thanks to y'all for reading and sharing feedback. I appreciate it.
I had better go watch Game of Thrones get some work done. 

04 April 2014

The Best Ever Hangs It Up: Letterman Announces Retirement (Next Year Some Time)

Many people will say that Carson was the best ever. But Carson didn't have any competition, and he didn't have to go through a mid-career re-invention like Letterman did. He was great, but for my money Dave was the best.

In related news, where the hell can I get this shirt? I will pay good green American money, in quantity. Why is he wearing it? Letterman went to Ball State. No idea whence came this fantastic photo or this superb jersey. That guy rules.

Cats are the Best

We love both Cats and Dogs in this space. Business Cat is all business. You've earned it!

03 April 2014

Magic and Dogs - Give Pups a Hug!

This is more sleight of hand and dogs than 'magic' and dogs but it's interesting to see how the dogs react. Dogs are born with an innate ability to understand gestures (especially pointing with your hand or arm) and they use your gaze to infer information and determine their course of action.*

If you are training a dog you shouldn't wear sunglasses because they obscure your face, and dogs use that information to make decisions. (It would be like taking a quiz with frustratingly vague questions.) You can see the behavior clearly here: Treat disappears and the dog looks at the magician / 'mentalist' for a hint. Then a lot of other interesting stuff happens, depending on the dog. Those say as much about the dogs temperament and the owner as they do about the dogs themselves.

* They tested this in the lab and animals you would expect to understand a gaze and gesture, such as chimpanzees, had no idea that the information was relevant. Untrained dogs knew. Evolution is awesome.