24 April 2014

News, plus Frog and Toad

Frog and Toad
Limited posts lately because I have been very busy doing stuff. That stuff happened so now I can talk about it a little: I got a new job, quit the old job. No need to go into details here because anonymity and professionalism and etc but if you want details email me. I start new job mid-May.

Been at the old job a very long time (14.5 years) so my departure has caused a minor kerfluffle. They don't take me for granted - I was almost always well appreciated and well treated, esp. the last 8 years or so I've been in Software Engineering - but they will have a hard time replacing me because I am grossly overqualified.* Moving to a career where I can take better advantage of my myriad skills. Pumped.

Image is unrelated. The Wind in the Willows is insane and funny and I love that someone felt like it made sense to have Toad popping molly's, because that is insane (and funny).

* How do you think I kept my job for that long?

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