03 July 2008

I call it the Lump

(only one post this week - I'm on vacation. I'll be back to regular posting next week.)
What do you do if your Love suddenly powers down? How do you cope? Well, if you're the King of Blind Dates you fire up the social network and get some girls in the pipeline. And you buy yourself a new car.

In fairness he'd been looking for the car for quite some time, but he didn't actually pull the trigger until Soulmates had dinged him. And it wasn't brand new, just new to him. Nevertheless, I'm calling it the Lump, which is short for the Love-Muscle-Power-Down, and the adjective 'LMPD', which is what happens when your love is super strong and powering San Onofre and aircraft carriers and then all of a sudden it fails. You got LMPD, pronounced 'lumped'. Go buy yourself something nice, get yourself over the lump.

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