24 March 2009

Has it been a week already?

Many congratulations to my people that worked hard on the World Baseball Classic. It's hard to travel all over the western hemisphere and put events together, especially when your big boss is a milquetoast boob. The game itself was actually not terrible, although I was compelled to remind my friend (attending the game) that although the Asian players hit like my sister, they are wonderful to watch in the field. And they hustle on every play. Now that Manny has a fat contract you won't see that kind of consistent effort in Dodger Stadium for the rest of the year.

The key quote from last nights Selig interview in the booth during the WBC finals was Selig throwing the following into the conversation, "Well, I think everything Jeter does is extraordinary." Can you imagine David Stern saying something like that about Kobe Bryant? No you can't, because Stern is a CEO, not a starry-eyed sycophant. I guess throwing your teammates under the bus and being a below-average fielder at your position is "extraordinary". Every time Jeter takes a shit? Extraordinary. Breaks my heart with that little minx Minka Kelley? Phenomenal. Grounds out weakly to first? Amazing. Being the second-best shortstop on your own team and still playing shortstop? You're like a God to me. You and Scott Brosius and Paul O'Neill are the holy trinity of True Yankee Douchebaggery.

In other baseball news, Curt Schilling retired. He doesn't display a very nuanced understanding of baseball statistics (any discussion that starts with win/loss record and all star appearances is, by definition, a sign of ignorance) but he was a very good pitcher and he always played hard. Full credit to him - hopefully we won't hear from him for another 5 years.

No idea where I got that photo of Minka. Somewhere on the internets. It's from when I was still using photos uncredited. Shame on me. I didn't want to use it again but she's so cute I can't stand it. (awkward?)

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