05 March 2009

It's a three-fer!

Tried to embed the video, but it might not work. You can go here if it lets me down.

Nice reporting. Kudos to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. And Matt (yeah we're on a first name basis) at his tv blog.

In unrelated news, I traveled this week. While at the airport waiting for my (delayed) flight, I decided that the following is the full list of occasions when it is appropriate to wear sweats on an airplane:
a. You are a stripper on your way to/from work in Las Vegas.
2. You are eleventeen, and are also carrying your pillow and teddy bear.
d. Never.

In response to some questions about my post on getting my ass kicked in public on 28 March, my target weight class is "medio", or middleweight. 181 lbs, including the gi. The problem is that the gi is HEAVY, so much so that companies actually make 'light' versions that weigh about 4 lbs. Right now I'm about 4 lbs over the limit (gi included).

Also: the weigh-in takes place the day of the competition. You weigh in when you register, then proceed to the warm-up area and wait. You cannot cut a couple pounds of water weight for the weigh-in.

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