24 March 2009

No means yes

Remember that one time*, in college, when we had that 80's prom theme party with A-D-PI (or however the hell you say it) and you dyed your hair and rented a chocolate brown tux w/ matching shirt and generally maximized your frat-dick potential? No? Well fuck you, because I have a picture of it right here.

(Thanks to Jay for putting this on facebook and tagging it.)

* "That one time" means, roughly, 1994-1997ish. With occasional (frequent?) lapses from then until, umm, now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1) Your friends are dead ringers - i'm mean DEAD RINGERS - for the ADPi's at cal
2) you smoked? is that weed?
3) i find myself torn between feelings of revulsion and unwavering adulation. your commitment is veering me towards unwavering adulation.