17 March 2009

Having a Field (Notes) Day

Ordered my new Field Notes in a strong, strong 'butcher orange' color back in February, then forgot to check the mailbox at work for the next 6 weeks. So I didn't get them until today. I had thought I ordered them, but couldn't remember if the website was working and figured that I had tried but it didn't work out b/c it was too busy and something or other.

February was a busy month for the fat kid. I had a birthday, and, ummm, a bunch of other stuff happened. Maybe if I had my Field Notes I could have written it all down. Maybe. Mostly I use them for (bad) song lyrics and notes on chord patterns and guitar practice. And workouts. And shopping lists. Also v. handy at the bookstore and the grocery. Or on Amazon. Or itunes. Or a sketchbook, if you're into that.

The pen and pencil were a bonus gift. The duck is a desk ornament gift from several years go that my boss gave me. It's good luck. Coudal Partners static cling logo was lurking in there too.

Anyway, I've got extra notebooks, so if this is the kind of thing you might like let me know and I'll put one in an envelope for you, strictly on a trial basis. If you're keen maybe I'll pick you up a little something for Christmas.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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