13 March 2009

Why are you picking on me? (yay for puns!)

When the ex and I quit talking back in December I got rid of everything that reminded me of her. Didn't matter what it was, how useful or expensive it might have been, whatever.

It didn't take long because I'm not much for keepsakes anyway. And it made me feel a little better at the time.

Fast-forward 3 months, and I was surprised to realize that the only thing left was a fragile pattern of my guitar pics she had put together in about 30 seconds while she was waiting for me one day. (Not sure why I didn't make the connection before now.) In the many months since she did it it I have carefully kept them as they were, long after the purge, even avoiding dusting around them so that they remained undisturbed. That changed earlier this week, but before I moved them I took a picture of the arrangement because it was all that was left of her.

In December it felt kind of good to throw everything out.
Putting these away just made me sad.

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bsgarcia said...

wait do you like field notes?