13 February 2008

we didn't do anything like this at my fraternity house

Comparisons to 'frat boys out of control' is giving frat boys a lot of credit. Apparently there was some corruption in the prison system down in Florida. And by "corruption" I mean "drunken softball games followed by orgies". I don't know much about orgies, but I do know from drunk softball, and it's pretty fun. I never imported or sold steroids to give me an edge on the softball field, though. I guess I wasn't trying hard enough. Other highlights, courtesy CNN:

McDonough described a bizarre prison culture among those that ran the system -- one that he says seemed obsessed with inter-department softball games and the orgies after games.

"I cannot explain how big an obsession softball had become," he said. "People were promoted on the spot after a softball game at the drunken party to high positions in the department because they were able to hit a softball out of the park a couple times."

"The connection between the softball and the parties and the corruption and the beatings was greatly intertwined."

The parties and orgies were often carried out at a waterfront house built on prison grounds for a former warden with taxpayer dollars, McDonough said. The house was complete with a bar, pool table and hot tub.

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