17 February 2008

Roger Clemens may or may not have taken steroids, says congressman

I spent about 20 minutes of my life watching some of the grandstanding from congress while they alternately berated his rat trainer and sucked off Clemens. Those are 20 minutes I can never get back, and like the Bonfire of the Vanities, they left me doubting that there was any good to be found in the participants.

Because that's how I want my congress spending it's time (and my money): getting to the bottom of this important issue.

Who cares if he took steroids or not? Who cares if he lied about it? He's adamant that he did not, but does he expect people to believe that his two friends took HGH and he didn't? That he got a vitamin shot while they got the real deal?

I'm too lazy to look up the numbers but I do know that Clemens got substantially better with age, and was having outrageously good seasons well after his supposed "peak". There's another player out there that had a similar pattern of success, you might have heard of him (name rhymes with 'carry ponds'). Those two guys should get together, arm wrestle.

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