26 February 2008

overheard at the DMV

I was supposed to be on an airplane last night, but instead I spent the morning at the DMV. My driver's license expired last week on my birthday (I had a birthday, you may have heard) and I needed to get a new one. No point flying if I can't rent a car. oops.

My experience at the local dmv office wasn't bad; 2 of the 3 people I talked to were nice, and all were helpful. Wait was half an hour, but I brought a book.

While I was there I watched some old people fail their written driver's test. I felt bad because I would probably fail it too. I don't think I would fail the driving portion, though, and judging by the geezer reactions, they were bombing. One old codger asked how long his license was good for. The clerk said five years, and he said, "I won't be around that long." Which was funny.

Photo courtesy the hot dog blog via DDC. I looked for something more topical but then I lost interest.

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