20 February 2008

birthdays; or, I make 34 look good

today is my birthday. i'm over it. i am going out to dinner though. I decided that going to dinner w/ friends would be less depressing than sitting at home, being depressed. thanks, friends. and i've been getting lots of calls and emails from people. so that's fun.

many thanks to someecards for the birthday card. i heart someecards.

over the weekend the roommates toilet crapped out (see what I did there?) so I had to get down to home depot and get a new flapper and control valve. I'm versed in the flapper / control valve replacement procedure, so it was pretty easy. Took me about 20 minutes to fix that sh*t (see what I did there?). mostly I just wanted to make some bad puns about it. and it's my birthday. so there.

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