15 February 2008

good comments really help me out: feedback on the shark post

Had a person stop by and leave a comment on my shark post. It's interesting enough to warrant a post of its own. The author does some interesting research, and he has the best picture of a green sea turtle that I've ever seen. It's much better than my shark photo, maybe because he was actually in the water? pffffffft. overachiever.

OCEANREVOLUTION.org has left a new comment on your post "pity the shark":

And some happy irony...

Roy's son, Christian Scheider, made this video with us when he was a Sophomore in high school.


His motivation was in no small part related to what he perceived as the damage done by the film (Jaws) his father starred in.

We worked on it at Roy's house on Christian's Apple eMac using images from a young ocean leaders retreat held in Baja.

Here's to sons and daughters reversing the damage caused to the earth of by our fathers and grandfathers...


Senior Scientist
Ocean Conservancy

Blog: http://www.wallacejnichols.org

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