16 February 2008

Chris Berman is a jerk: video evidence

There are some videos circulating that show Chris "Boomer" Berman at his very best. Unfortunately they were taken off youtube, but once that kind of thing hits the net you can always find it somewhere else. like so: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1799919

Note that Berman uses NSFW language. Although he's at work. Go figure.

Deadspin emailed the guy that released the videos. His alias is 'ampex2000', which is a nice old-school nod to the corp that invented magnetic tape and the original VCR. (They sold the rights to Sony and, umm, I think we know how that worked out for everyone.)

I have an axe to grind w/ Berman because he thinks he's part of the highlight (any highlight) with his awful ties, worse combover, overwrought delivery and stupid nicknames. What's wrong with subtlety? What happened to Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann? Why hasn't Berman bought a new sport coat since 1985?

Right now they've got Berman hosting some kind of "greatest highlight" bullshit every night. It's similar to "Who's Now?" from last year, only less dumb. That's not saying much, but it's still inane and ridiculous. That's about what you can expect from the four letter.

Memo to Berman: you voice might not croak as much if you didn't pull your head back into your neck like a toad. just sayin.


Anonymous said...

this is taken out of context. Chris Berman is pretty good. I would guess the problem is that he consistent an extent that people take his delivery for granted. like anyone who is really good at what they do, he makes it look ez, its not. if it were you and I would be doing it

Anonymous said...

Either ESPN should kick this terrible voice off the air or some views should slit his throat. This guy thinks he's the greatest thing on TV. Sorry, grabble voice. Swallow some acid and go away. Can't ESPN, with all its money, find anyone else other than this crap voiced comb-over? Even the rest of the guys sitting with him can't stand the jerk. GET RID OF HIM.