12 February 2008

Knight Rider is coming back; 10 year old boys across the land put down xbox360 controller and prepare for takeoff

Knight Rider is coming back after a 20 year break. They have a new guy and a new car, but I have the blueprints for the old car, so I can rebuild that sh*t as soon as I get my hands on a mid-80's pontiac firebird. hells yeah.

I am not exactly sure how some of the features work. The KI-P-12 Trajectory Guidance System "launches KITT at any angle within 90 degree arc", but I could sure use some of that KI-P-1 Automatic Pilot when i'm driving around town. The CRT monitors are a little dated in this LCD era, but I could set them up so we could play Atari 2600. good times.

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