01 August 2013

Beware the Spider

This from Smarter Every Day, a good source of entertaining science. He's been on a hot streak lately as his Firing an AK-47 Under Water videos are fanstastic.

Side note: the host is devoutly religious (closes his videos with references to scripture, and the different words for love endorsement at the end of the penis video is a popular theme in Christian teachings), which I find difficult to reconcile with a sincere devotion to science and critical thinking. But it works for him.

Back on topic: Am I too mature to laugh at a Russian man with a heavy Russian-Alabama accent talking about priapism and penile implants? No. No I am not.*

*So excited to use the DICK JOKES ARE THE BEST tag again. 

1 comment:

john said...

Christianity is completely compatible with science and 'critical thinking' . In fact, intellectually honest critical thinkers must eventually reach Christianity and the Bible as a rational conclusion!
[see rtb.org for the science end and sfaw.org for the practical/societal explanations]