06 August 2013


Slow week for blog posts. Don't have anything good to share.

That video happened, and it is pretty good. Apparently NBC is broadcasting all 380 EPL games on one of their many network or cable channels. It almost makes me want to get network television again. Almost. 

I put a deposit down on the Xbone. Long-time readers will remember that I missed out on the xbox 360 at launch and had to wait several months to get my hands on one. I ended up getting it by calling the local Best Buy(s) every day for weeks. I would call when the FedEx truck arrived to find out if they had any in stock.

Finally I got a good lead and was That Asshole on the Freeway driving over to BB, followed by an even more dangerous turn as That Asshole in the Parking Lot. I collected the xbox and a dirty look from a mom with a stroller because she thought her kid was in danger.*

Anyway, the goal is to avoid that nonsense and have the device waiting for me at Fry's when I go to pick it up. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen. But at least I have someone to bitch at if they don't come through. 

* Total bullshit. I saw them the whole time. I wasn't stopping, but I saw them.

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