29 August 2013

C is for Cookie

You know what's hot? Hot jamz. Deep house sucks except when it doesn't. Why hasn't anyone played this in one of my yoga classes yet? Come on, yoga instructor people!

It's possible they haven't played it because of the usual instructors I see in a given week one uses music only sparingly and another adds new songs to the playlist only under duress. And anything that makes his rotation that was released after Y2K is usually not good. He needs to stick with the classics. That leaves one guy, so I'll have to mention it to him. Note to self.

Anyway, hot deep house jam! There were a few identical versions of this mix on youtube and if you didn't know in advance that I would pick the one with the hot ginger then you don't know me at all. Like, not even kind of.

Title unrelated, except that I just ate too many Mother's Taffy cookies and now I feel sick. It's a weakness.


bsgarcia said...

outstanding jam

bsgarcia said...

can I like my previous comment? trolling your site and listened to this again. this is the best jam I have heard in as long as I can remember. I posted it on lame-book and am pretty sure nobody cared to listen. sigh. one can't force anyone to taste the best that life has to offer. fuck it. I'll listen again for all those lost souls.