27 August 2013

Another video? Another video! Take it away Chief Kessler...

Long-time readers know that I spend my free time at the gym, at the yoga, or indulging in one of my hobbies, like shooting. With that in mind, I give you this amazing videos from a man that is/was a chief of police. Not just a law enforcement officer, but the senior LEO in his town, with 16 years on the force. However small that town was, this guy was the boss of the law there.

Doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Maybe the local burgh could invest in some training for the Chief? He could use it. (Related: In talking to several firearms instructors I learned that the people that most need training are the ones that are least likely to pursue it. It's a negative feedback loop of suck. Cops in general are not necessarily good at shooting - insufficient practice. They do tend to be very good at writing tickets.)

It's possible that the Chief lost his job after he posted a bunch of wacko videos on youtube. There's nothing wrong with wacko youtube videos in principle, but the chief of police probably shouldn't say stuff like, "Look at that libtard right there!" and then pretend to shoot them. It suggests an air of partiality that maybe doesn't qualify you for a job as a (supposedly) impartial public official. As it happens, it did garner him some negative attention:

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more dumb or contrived: here comes the local news reporter with a hot take. Two clowns locked in a deadly battle of dumbing down. Not sure who wins, but we all lose.

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