01 August 2013

The People Have Spoken! (part n+1)

Sweet Katie also makes generous use of someone's HBOgo account to view premium programming at a discount:

We use an HBOgo account too, to watch True Blood and I'm eternally grateful! What do you think of the season so far??
It's the only way. Although I read that fully 95% of people still get their TV via a cable or satellite provider, so their revenue stream is secure for now. And it's very good for me because without my cable-paying friends I would be utterly lost.

As for the series so far: I'm entertained. They seem to be moving away from the weakest storylines (anything to do with the werewolves is pointless filler), and the campyness of the series as a whole is good. In general I think the series is best when the strongest characters play larger roles. That means more Jason Stackhouse, Eric Northman, Bill Compton, Jessica and Lafayette. The rest of the cast doesn't do much for me. I miss Russell Edgington. He was fantastic.

From a comment I made about the poster of the video on permaboners priapism about religion being incompatible with critical thinking, this from John:

Christianity is completely compatible with science and 'critical thinking' . In fact, intellectually honest critical thinkers must eventually reach Christianity and the Bible as a rational conclusion!
[see rtb.org for the science end and sfaw.org for the practical/societal explanations] 

Ahhh, I think we're going to have to agree to disagree. Thinking critically and being 'intellectually honest' does not logically lead to "hey there's an all powerful being in the universe and he created everything in seven days including you, and you look just like him because you are created in 'his' image because it says so in this book right here and also the gays can't get married and don't masturbate."

Instead, thinking critically means rejecting the notion that "GAYS CANNOT GET MARRIED IT'S A SIN IN THE EYES OF THE LORD" because you're not a bigoted simpleton and you recognize a fairy tale when you hear one.

Why don't more people believe in Santa Claus? That guy shows up once a year like clockwork. Shit.

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