25 August 2013

Crossfit Talk (is Boring)

We had a test workout at on Friday. Fran. 21-15-9, thrusters and pull ups. Just imagine several minutes of hard work. More than 3, less than 10 (the cutoff is 10 minutes). Test workouts are a bitch and give me anxiety. Not sure if that's healthy, but whatever.

One thing that's interesting about Fran is that you are so anaerobic during the workout that people become visibly pale while it is happening, and they have to be reminded to breathe. It is not uncommon for participants to throw up and/or pass out. Fun? Not as such, no. I have heard the Tour de France described as like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer: it feels really good when you stop. Fran is like that except it doesn't take as long and I can lift weights over my head, unlike most pencil-necked cyclists. But I digress...

I usually omit my own workout results from this space because that stuff is about as interesting as your fantasy football team or NCAA bracket or that dream you had last night but... my Fran time was very disappointing. I know: not interesting. While I was being a petulant dick practicing non-attachment it helped me realize that my priorities were out of order. Somehow I became very invested in a number that means, well, nothing.

This investment in numbers is far and away the most bullshit thing about crossfit. I got sucked into the idea that my Fran time said something about me as a person. How lame is that? Really fucking lame. The time is only a data point, a signpost on the journey. What matters is effort. How hard did you work? If you gave it all you could then you have my respect, regardless of your time. What's true for others should also be true for me in re: effort / respect. Good news is I'll probably need reminding of this right around the time we have to do Fran again.

PS. Another Face to Face classic. Couldn't help myself.

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