26 July 2013

High Security

List of passwords for accounts that I struggle to remember or just leave logged in all the time because I check them regularly: 

1. Gmail (this is the one where the rest get reset when I click 'Forgot your password?')
2. Bank
3. Cable bill
4. Power bill
5. Phone bill
6. Numerous hyperspecific special interest forums, e.g.
7. Main work login
8. Work web shit
9. Other work web shit (2 layers of protection)
10. Rent payment info
11. NFLX
12. Savings Bank
13. Work payroll account
14. Work travel request
15. Work expenses
16. Amazon
17. Zappos
18. Backup personal email accounts (x3)
19. Xbox Live
20. Credit Card account
21. iTunes

Of the above 20+ passwords I can think of maybe four offhand. But there's another list that shows my priorities are in the proper order.

SUPER IMPORTANT PASSWORDS that I remember under any and all circumstances: 
1. Friends HBOGo account
2. My local wireless network

So I might not have ready access to any of the shit from the first list, but I can definitely watch True Blood as soon as the latest episode is available.

1 comment:

Sweet Katie said...

We use an HBOgo account too, to watch True Blood and I'm eternally grateful! What do you think of the season so far??