02 May 2011

I need a portal gun

I've got a busy schedule. The weights aren't going to lift themselves, people. And yoga is good for you. If I'm not busy doing something awesome like racing motorcycles around a track then I'm probably out somewhere being awesome, as when I spent my Sunday morning checking out all the pretty girls cheering on the runners and supporting my friends that ran the OC Marathon. I had to get up early but it was worth it. Had to be there for my peeps!

In my (limited) spare time I enjoy some xbox360 gaming. I've been ambling through Portal 2, and it is awesome. It's a game to savor and enjoy. Then you can rush through it at light speed, tossing cubes hither and thither, as below.

Crazy, huh?


Erin said...

I ran the OC half marathon. Blair was there all morning waiting for me to finish....too bad we missed you!

Anonymous said...

i'm guess'n this is difficult