29 April 2011

Did somebody get married?

Biggest non-event in recent history was the 'royal wedding'. The breathless coverage would have made me turn off the news (if I watched the news). I gave it all the attention it deserved: about 8 seconds of photo review.  I thought the bride looked lovely and her sister looked great. Definitely shag-worthy, which is pretty much the nicest thing you can say about a bridesmaid. Pretty much.

Big Cheese sent me the video below. Enjoy it in HD for maximum coolness. BC is getting married later this year. (I'm in the wedding, if you hadn't heard.) No word on the bridesmaids but I'm +1 for that gig if I can find a date. Problem is I'm not sure four months is enough time. No I am not kidding.

I especially liked the music, so if you want more of that, go here for Jonsi.

Marc Morera 2010 from Marc Morera on Vimeo.

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