08 April 2011

Perfect for a Friday. Kind of.

Baby Girl is a dog's dog
Been doing some heavy reading lately. I don't mean econ textbookery (though I'm reading that too), I mean articles about being honest and telling the truth (which don't always go hand in hand), health care and end of life care and re-reading books about dying dogs. Frankly I'm not sure it's healthy.

I'm sure it makes me do a lot of thinking.

Every morning my roommate leaves for work at about 7, and I snooze for another hour or so, until Baby Girl decides it's time to get up. She comes downstairs, lets herself into my room and sticks her nose in my face until I pet her. Then she stares at me excitedly until I say 'ok'. At the precise moment the 'kay' comes out of  my mouth she jumps into my bed and makes herself comfortable. She doesn't even pretend to go to sleep, she just hangs out until it's time to get up and brush teeth (my teeth, not hers). It makes me smile, every time. I smile now, thinking of it.

There is no overarching point to any of this, except to say that you should take your pleasures where you can find them, because life is uncertain.

Yay for life lessons!
Thanks for reading.

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Katie said...

It would make me so happy if Baby Girl is actually the doggy's name :)
That's what we call our baby girl too!