15 April 2011

Well allow me to retort - Reader responses, part IV

It's like a little man on a hanger
Bit short on news this week so we will respond to reader feedback.

Reader Shannon (NMSNSS) says this about the most recent international financier post:

My little man in Peru (http://www.kiva.org/lend/214210) paid his loan back so now I'm looking for someone else to loan to.

I love giving to people who are trying to make a living by handcrafting or using their talents or gifts.

Kiva rocks.

I agree! I have not yet selected who I'm going to loan the monies too, mostly because I like to have all the monies in before I loan them out again. Kiva doesn't like when I do that, but it makes me feel better to loan a slightly larger quantity, get the ball rolling on the funding.

Reader Katie says this about one of the recent posts re: the dog that I live with:

It would make me so happy if Baby Girl is actually the doggy's name :)
That's what we call our baby girl too!

Aww, the dog's name is actually Betty, so she responds to Bets, or Betty. But she also responds to Baby Girl, which is what I call her almost all the time, unless she's being bad. And by 'being bad' I mean she's trying to knock over a houseguest with her friendly enthusiasm. Not the most gentle creature, is Baby Girl.

Big plans this weekend: headed to Buttonwillow Raceway Park to ride my motorcycle as fast as I can. Hence the picture of the one-piece race suit I'll be wearing. The best part about the suit is that when I showed it to a friend of mine she said, "Aww, that's cute! It's like a little man on a hanger." I laughed. The best part about motorcycle racing is that it gets me out of the house. Ahh I kid. Kind of.

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