27 April 2011

Develpmentally disabled cat (2 out of 3 cat posts is a mini trend)

Insert 'crazy pussy' joke here. Or not. We're all adults.
My friend's girlfriend's cat is autistic. Since they live together (him and his girl and the tardcat), I get to visit with them fairly often. I'm not sure it's clinically possible for the cat to have autism so it's more accurate to say that it exhibits many of the behaviors associated with autistic people: it doesn't like to be touched, is socially unaware, does weird rubbing behavior with its paws, freaks out about stuff that (in my experience) cats usually handle quite well.

It's a bummer for the girlriend because she really wanted a cat to love and be her friend, and what she got was a bizarre oddball that makes a mess and hates being petted and pretty much sucks as a companion. It just wants to eat and then maybe sit in the same room as you. Not touch you, but definitely keep you in the vicinity. Unless it's stuck on the roof (again). Then it wants you to help it get down, sooner than later. 

Oddly Predictably, tardcat and I have always gotten along rather well. I love cats because they have wildly different personalities and tend to be independent. Also, you have to meet a cat on its terms. The cat will come to know you in its own time, or not. So it was downright weird when tardcat decided to come plop next to me on the floor and allow me to scratch her neck yesterday. Only her neck, mind. Actual petting? No way. (She's put on a little weight, but who are we to point that out? She looks good with a fuller figure.)

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