04 April 2011

Problem exists between keyboard and chair

My friend's mom has some computer issues. She sent him the following email detailing her difficulties. (He didn't post on his deal because his mom reads his blog.) Exclusive content!

This is unedited. It's like someone wrote a caricature of a help desk complaint, except it's real.

How are you? I have been having some serious challenges with a lot of things, but one of them is my computer at work. I am hoping you can give me some suggestions to help out the tech support people. This morning something attached to my computer from the internet that made pop ups come up from everywhere and infected the computer. We have ran three different antivirus programs and although the pop ups don't come up on the screen, commercials come through my speakers like it is a radio station without the music - only the ads. Silence for a while and then pop - another commercial. Any ideas how to get rid of it, without the tech people taking the computer out of my office? I have tons going on, and I need the computer. I told REDACTED I could live with the commercials, just turn the speakers down, but he said it would keep getting worse, so it has to be fixed. He can't find where it is coming from.

How was snowboarding - probably a great weekend. Hopefully you didn't get too sunburned from the snow. I love you! I miss you!

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