19 May 2011

He's Karl Lagerfeld and you're not

We don't much go in for couture fashion around here. Mainly because it's expensive and I don't have that kind of discretionary income. Another reason not to become too invested is that it's all a bunch of bullshit. Yeah so are most things, but whatever.

Exhibit A-1 of the lunacy that surrounds the industry can be found in this interview with Karl Lagerfeld. You don't have to know who he is to love the crazy nonsense he spews. Fortunately, he's got a willing interview partner in this absurdity, so there's genius all over the place.

Short synopsis of the awesome here:

My favorite:

Bruce: There's a boy who's 20 years old; you can see him on YouTube. He'd never seen Paris from the air before and they flew him over Paris in a helicopter. Then they took him to a studio and he drew the entire city. Building by building, street by street.

Karl: I can do that with the antique Greek world.

It's funny because HE'S NOT JOKING.

Full workup here (if you can stand it):

I don't know whether I'm disgusted or just jealous. A little of both, maybe?

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