18 May 2011

Responses to responses, part V

Tallboys req'd, sleeves optional
The readership asks, and I answer. Or something.

Shannon (NMSNSS), in re: my post on Portal 2 and how I loved it, says:

My daughter just finished Portal 2. See? Y'all should get married.

My reply: That is very thoughtful. Are you sure you're not just angling for some mother's day cookies?

Reader Katie makes inquiries about the cookies I made over the weekend:

Who are you making those cookies for?

 For me to stuff in my fat face. Duh. But also I may have stuffed some into boxes for shipping to points around the country. Check your mailbox starting today.

Photo is one I dug up from the archives. It makes me laugh.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Ha! You were making those cookies for me! :)