10 May 2011

No need to kick me when I'm down

Plenty of other choices in stock, if you're into that (I wasn't)
Monday is the longest day of my week. You care.
Anyway, I went to the grocery late, as per usual, because that's when I get home. Had to pick up some milk and whatever, and I figured I'd treat myself to a delicious cookie snack for dessert in the shape of Mother's Taffy cookies.

Bonus that the cookies were on sale, bust that they were all gone. As in, all of them. Someone came in and crushed the whole lot. On top of that, some enterprising soul decided to use the empty spot to pile up a coupon for milk, to eat with the cookies. Meanie.

1 comment:

Katie said...

I know you don't think that's very funny, but it's actually pretty funny!