27 May 2011

Sometimes the truth doesn't hurt

Sometimes I get kinda lonely when I'm single, wish I had someone to spend time with. But only sometimes, because then I notice that this is pretty much my life, more or less, except you can replace 'went to rock concerts' with 'went to gym every day'.

Credit where credit's due: First saw this on someecards, but the original lives here: http://www.carlosnaude.com/NAUDE/Inspirational_Graphic_Design.html

Someecards take on it was pretty good. They describe it as written by somebody who has forgotten what it's like to be single. I can't say being single is great all the time, but it does have its pluses. Depends on your priorities. And also on whether or not you marry a girl that gets rid of your favorite jeans. (Who would do that?)

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