21 May 2011

Gimme yo money, indeed

Mike Huckabee, presidential candidate to be, is schilling these educational videos for your kids, apparently in an effort to help them understand the 'real America', which, as far as I can infer from these videos, is just like fake America, but disturbingly ignorant.

I did like that they featured Ben Franklin (not a president), George Washington (president, historically acknowledged as very good) and Ronald Reagan (??) in their banner pic. What do these people have in common? It's probably explained in the videos. 

There are only two preview videos so far, one for the Reagan 'Revolution', and another for World War II*. Apparently the only way to learn about how awesome Reagan was (tax cuts for the wealthy, Iran-Contra scandal, largest peacetime military buildup in world history, enormous national debt, severe cuts in social programs, and dubious - at best - economic policies) is in a cartoon. I wonder if they show how Ronnie handed over the day to day running of the country to his benefactors, the owner/operators of the military-industrial complex, and then devoted himself to taking plenty of naps (thanks to an old calendar of mine for that description). Probably not.

That's Huckabee himself making a cameo in the preview below at about 22 seconds. Hint: it's the guy that says "Gimme yo money!"

*The WWII video is awesome mostly because it depicts Nazis and closes with the kids saying, "What we see and hear isn't always what we read in books... So what? We know the truth, and that's good enough for us!" Nothing is more valuable than knowing the truth, that you know, because you know it. Hmmm... That ideology sounds familiar. Can't remember where I might have heard it before... Wait... waaaiiiit.... FOUND IT!

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