09 May 2011

Happy mom's day

I hope you had a good Mother's Day.

Sweet Katie asked where her mother's day cookies were this year. I had to disappoint for now because I didn't make any (yet). I'll probably put some together this weekend and get them in the mail next week. Depends on the weather. I did make a birthday cake for a couple friends that shared a birthday. I made my mom's 70's-era recipe Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt cake. It's famous for being embarrassingly easy to make and very tasty. Also noteworthy because it's the only thing I make from a package, as per the 70's era recipe.

Big Cheese made a rare Southern CA visit so I took him to yoga with me. Good times.

Unrelated: enjoyed this song from The Weepies. 2 minutes of pop delicious.
I like for you to have something to listen to while you do your reading.

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