16 May 2011

The things you own, own you

The website http://the-burning-house.com/ is getting some attention on the internets. No idea if it will become huge (I'm betting yes). It's a fun idea, given how people feel about their stuff.

I enjoyed the way some of the people laid out their cherished belongings. They are beautifully presented and photographed. Also I liked the way some people opted for sentimental, and others more for a doomsday/zombie apocalypse scenario.

I'm not sure what I would bring, but I'll give it some thought and maybe pile it up and take a picture this weekend or next. Maybe. Big weekend coming up. Big.

Photo is Baby Girl helping me bake cookies. I have several of these pictures because she's always such a huge help in the kitchen. Her two special gifts are 1) laying on the floor, and 2) trying to lick my face when I crouch down to look in the oven.

Mmm... cookies.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Who are you making those cookies for?