30 April 2009

Let's talk graphic design

Today we're all about signage. So much good stuff to learn. Did you know the ampersand has been around for over 2,000 years? That makes it older than many of the letters we use in English. The number 7 must be an awesome roommate, sharing space for all that time.

I wish I could get my hands on the Unimark Guide, aka the New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual. Somebody put a bunch of images on flickr, but it's just enough to whet your appetite. Can't believe this thing came out in 1970. Can you imagine how shit it would be if they did it from scratch today? It would probably be sponsored by Coca-Cola and Budweiser, designed by the same all-things-to-all-people geniuses that made the London 2012 logo.

The manual is interesting in that it not only defines the style and format of all the signage, but also correct placement, types of signs, directories, etc. When you consider the number and types of people that use this information successfully every day this standards manual is an extraordinary achievement. If you're into that. Which you probably aren't.

This is good too, in a different way.

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