22 April 2009

Earth day is coming; look busy

This has been kicking around in my inbox for several months - hat tip to Zach for the photo. I'm sharing it now because earth day is almost here. Maybe it is here. I don't know when the hell it is. What?

Aside: why are we giving the planet a big 'F you' the other 364 days of the year? I'm not sure one day is really going to do the job. Maybe this is more "awareness" day, and we practice more green-eco-friendly stuff the the year? I'm eco-friendly in that I like hot girls that are into recycling and yoga.

Where were we? Oh yeah, Harvard's recycling program. The photo here is one of Harvard's recycling trucks backed up and dumping it's load (yeah I said it) into a garbage truck. Soooo recycling = garbage. Got it. Just recycle that shit straight into a landfill. Sure. No problem. Very green of you.

PS. I hear Boston is like the Goat Hill Tavern of the eastern seaboard: Mediocre chicks EEEEEEEEEEVRYWHERE. Or so I'm told. I'll let you know when I get out there this summer.

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