29 April 2009

What I'm not doing this Saturday

My good friend Sonia is coming to town from NYC. She invited me to her friend's birthday party up in Hollywood. Originally I said yeah sure I'm there no problem you bet. When I asked for details she forwarded me the evite and it was like someone kicked the needle off the record. I even took a screenshot of the guest list in it's entirety (as of early on Wednesday) so you could get a feel for what I'm talking about. I added the callouts; not sure if they are available on evite yet. (But they should be.)

I asked her if it was a date party and she said no. Somehow that makes the fact that everyone is taking a date EVEN WORSE. In the words of my brother Preston: "Fuck. That."

So, you got any plans for Saturday? I just freed up my calendar.


Sonia said...

I finally get some credit on GJAW and its cause I am going to a date party!! For the record, I am not taking a date and still think you should come....

Anonymous said...

you might consider that some of these +1s could actually be an uber-cool (wait, scratch that, I forgot who I am talking to) uber-hot, single, girlfriend