09 May 2008

is it lazy or genius to post video from someone else?

Some readers aren't much into video games. Or rude jokes. Or cartoons. Or swearing. The attached video is most emphatically not for those readers. The rest of you (all two of you), enjoy.

Also: the hilarity that is John Mayer making fun of himself prompted the following email from a friend:

doosh [that's me]
it kind of snuck up on me because i have had my head firmly up my ass for the last couple of weeks (where does the time go?) but i am having one of the top five caseys in hip hop at my pad next weekend. things to remember:

1. bring the shoes. we will ball on friday. looks like the weather might cooperate and we could see how the outdoor games develop on saturday too.
2. the d is not food for the b.
3. sarah will be in town so we will have a decent type ho looking over us.

good times.

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