03 May 2008

Army of One (douchebag)

[headline stolen from some guy's comment over on withleather.com. You think I got this fancy degree in English so I could make up stuff on my own? f that noise.]

So a couple guys that played football at West Point aren't going to serve overseas; they are going to be allowed to pursue their pro football careers here instead. It feels to me like it's a big fat go-f-yourself to the troops already there. That is contemptible.

If I were a soldier hating life every day in Iraq/Afghanistan I imagine that I'd be bitter over that kind of preferential treatment. Also, Caleb Cambell is an officer after graduating from West Point, and an officer should never ask an enlisted man to do something he wouldn't do himself, etc. and so forth.

Ironically, he's being given a position as a recruiter. That's got to be an awesome pitch: "Kids, sign up for the Army. Your experience will be just like mine, except you almost certainly won't go to West Point (it's incredibly hard to get admitted) and there's an excellent chance you'll have to serve overseas. Unlike me."

You can read more thoughtful analysis from actual veterans over on 2dinar and withleather.

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