16 May 2008

friends go places, do stuff

Sometimes the blog entry comes to me in a vision. Sometimes it comes to my inbox. Two friends stuffed the box this morning. [ed: stuffed box! honk!]

One friend is traveling in Zurich and sent back some photos. His brother loves airplanes so they went to the airport and took some photos there. Zurich looks like a great place to visit. Not sure I would spend my time hanging out at the end of the airport runway. My buddy wasn't too keen either, but his bro is into it, so there you go.

The other guy is traveling through New Mexico, and here's an excerpt from his email:

from minneapolis to albuquerque, I was sitting next to a lady who's job is to manage a team of people that maintain the engines on the fleet of nuclear ICBM's in New Mexico. She was a real smart, cool lady and I hope her life's work is in vain.

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